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FAQ’s for the Sale of The Cedars RV Resort

I only use The Cedars and no other park!

Your membership includes usage at the other HTR Resorts and you are welcome to visit the resorts as per your membership agreement & application

What will happen to the rest of my membership?

Your membership will continue as usual, just without the usage at The Cedars.

We won’t qualify for any type of refund as Cedars is the only resort we have visited…our membership will be worth nothing?

Your Holiday Trails Membership is for usage at the parks in Canada (as per your membership agreement & application) and The Cedars was an add on to this membership. You have continued usage at the other HTR Resorts and you are welcome to visit the resorts as per your membership agreement & application.

Why the $10(US) night service fee for past usage?

This fee covers the nightly cost for the basic services provided; water, sewer, power, etc.

How can we retrieve our rigs/MHs with the borders closed?

Canuck towing Bayview towing  has had success retrieving and crossing the border successfully.  Some Canadians have even flown from Vancouver to Seattle, driven to Cedars, picked up their rigs/MH and crossed the border with quarantine  instructions.

My rig was wintering in an actual site as we frequented Cedars during the winter.  How will our rigs/MH be dealt with?  Will they be towed? 

Members have been sending their keys to Cedars awaiting towing companies or possibly hiring someone or a local towing company to move their rigs back to an actual storage site. 

My RV is being stored at The Cedars and the border is closed!

The new owners are honoring reserved storage until the border is open and you are able to retrieve your RV. Any questions regarding storage of your RV will be directed to the Resort as usual.

What about our lockers?

Please check with Yvette at The Cedars 1-360-384-2622

I have mail at Cedars, will they still hold it for us?

Please check with Yvette at The Cedars 1-360-384-2622

We have paid for our storage 3 months, 6 months, 1 year in advance, will we receive a refund or will NW Parks honor our storage reservations?

You will need to check with Yvette at The Cedars. We will refund anyone who has prepaid their storage.

Are we able to use The Cedars after July 15?

The new owners would like to offer the International Members of Holiday Trails a discount of 35% on their visits and want them to still feel apart of The Cedars. They will continue to treat HTR members very well and make them feel appreciated with every stay. The discount will be at the sole discretion of the new owners and subject to space availability.  

Are you looking for another resort in that area?

This sale brings an end to the International membership. We will not be looking at another resort to take The Cedar’s place.

Will our annual dues decrease?

HTR annual dues are used on the maintenance costs of the resorts in the system and not on the number of resorts you have usage at or the amount of usage during the year.

What will happen to my reservations after July 15?

Reservations after July 15 will need to be rebooked with with Yvette at The Cedars 1-360-384-2622.

We have reservations for end of July, August, and September, will they be just cancelled or honored?

If you have reservations during this time, please call the resort and they will convert it over to the new reservation system at the 35% off the nightly rate. You may call the resort directly to advise of your reservation plans

Are they keeping the same name?


Will NW Parks Management allow us to continue to store our rigs at Cedars during the pandemic? If so, will the rates change or will the remain the same during the pandemic? 

Yes, we will allow them to continue to store their rigs and we will not change the rates until at the very least the border reopens.

Will NW Parks Management allow us to still store year-round or seasonally as needed in the future?

Yes, at this point in time we plan to continue to allow year-round storage.

We have paid for our storage 3 months, 6 months, 1 year in advance, will NW Parks Management honor our storage reservations or should we seek a refund from HTR?

We will honor the reservation.

Do the new owners offer memberships to their parks?  If so, who can they contact?  And, what parks?

They do not offer memberships. Our sister parks in the general area will be Pioneer Trails RV Park in Anacortes, Skagit Valley RV Park in Mount Vernon, and Blue Sky RV Park in Issaquah. We would love for members to visit our other parks and they will treat them like royalty!

Does/will the new owners contract with AOR, Passport America, Coast-to-Coast, or any other membership camping system? If so, will Cedars be included?

They don’t with their other parks. “It’s yet TBD”

The members have rented lockers at Cedars for years will this be a continued service under the new ownership?  If not, will the lockers stay intact until the borders re-open? 

They will continue this service.

Cedars is holding some mail for me (it is minimal),  will they still hold it for us until the border reopens?