General Membership Information


An invoice for your annual membership dues will be sent to you by HTR Head Office. These invoices are issued approximately 60 days before your current membership card expires. Paying one month before your card expires will ensure uninterrupted usage of your membership.


Your annual membership card will be sent directly to your home address within 3 weeks of paying your annual dues.

If you lose your membership card, please call our head office for a replacement. Replacement cards are $125 (plus tax) for Holiday 21 punch cards and $50 (plus tax) for all other membership cards.


These are only granted to the members whose names appear on the membership card and will be granted only if the card is presented upon arrival at the park. Under no circumstances is the card to be loaned or rented to a non-member. You are permitted to have guests with you in your RV or in their RV, providing that they follow the procedures outlined in the usage agreement.


NSF cheques, declined pre-authorized debits and declined credit card payments are subject to a $30 service charge. Any late payments will be subject to a $15 late payment fee. All service charges are subject to change without notice.

Pipeline Update

The Trans Mtn pipeline is currently preparing to install the pipeline through Camperland. The route is through the Bridal Falls Waterpark; past the Mini Golf through the overflow parking area; through the dog park and through the upper area of Shady Lane which affects 28 full service sites.

While the contractor had told us they would be complete by the end of March it now appears that it will be the end of April or the beginning of May. They are committed to returning the Resort to the same, if not better, state than what it was in before they started. The rows of cedars separating these sites will not be completed until the fall of 2023.

What this means is that we are somewhat limited in our sites that are available in April and to ensure that we don’t book sites that are not completed (even though they say they will be done) we are not taking any bookings for these sites until June. We are somewhat at their mercy but they have been good in their communication with us. We all hope they finish when they say they will!

We appreciate your patience and understanding.