Resale and Transfers

Dear Member,

Thank you for advising our office of your intentions to sell your Holiday Trails Resorts membership. We hope that you have enjoyed being a member of our Club and that you have made many lasting friendships with our members.

For your convenience we have listed below the process to follow and the current fees to transfer your Holiday Trails membership. We have also outlined the requirements to enrol the purchaser in Coast to Coast and Resort Parks International.

Once you have found a potential buyer, please call our office with the first and last name(s) so we may complete a pre-application approval. Once the potential buyer is approved, please follow the instructions below:

1. Locate your original (white copy) Membership Agreement & Application. If unable to find your copy, HTR may create a new one for a fee.
2. Read over the reverse of the Membership Agreement & Application and complete where it reads 
Assignment Provision. Be sure to fill in this area with the buyer’s complete name(s), complete address and phone number.
3. Current member(s) listed on the face of agreement must sign and date the
Assignment Provision.
4. Mail the Membership Agreement & Application (only if Assignment Provision in completed) with your current HTR member card to the Holiday Trails Resorts (HTR) Head Office.
5. Once HTR receives the Membership Agreement & Application with Assignment Provision
fully completed, we will proceed to transfer the membership:

  • A new Membership Agreement & Application will be completed by HTR for the new Member(s) to read, sign and submit back to HTR for authorization.
  • Upon receipt of new Agreement and payment of transfer fees, the new membership will
    be registered in our online reservation system within 7 days and we will forward the newmembers an HTR card and copy of authorized contract.

NOTE: Please allow up to 2 weeks for completion of membership transfer once we receive the assignment provision. HTR memberships transferred will receive the membership usage only benefits as indicated on the original owner’s Membership Agreement & Application, excluding the ‘Family Plan’ and ‘Frozen Annual Dues’. Special offer upgrades such as Executive and Platinum memberships are non-transferable along with original membership. Current annual dues are payable upon transfer of these memberships.
Complimentary membership usage at Sunshine Valley will not be included with resale memberships where the membership being transferred was purchase prior to August 1, 2009. Sunshine Valley add-on may be purchased to use with the base membership.

Transfer fee: $1890.00*
Administration fee: 900.00*
Resort fee: 300.00*
GST: 154.50
Total: $3244.50

The above amounts are required from either the seller or purchaser to effect ownership transfer. Selling member must have all Promissory Notes fulfilled, paid dues for the current year and any other outstanding amounts paid in full. Current annual dues for resale members are a different rate level than the selling member**. This transfer fee, administration fee and resort fee applies to memberships which were purchased directly from a Holiday Trails ‘Marketing’ location for fair market value. Memberships which were initially purchased from another membership camping organization, then subsequently ‘
transferred’ into Holiday Trails for a fee at less than market value, will be subject to the above fees plus an additional, ONE-TIME FEE of $500.00 + tax prior to transfer. These members were essentially given a membership in Holiday Trails Resorts as a gesture of good will by the Company, thereby protecting their original investment and membership privileges, albeit it originally obtained through a competitor.


Memberships in CTC and/or RPI are available to HTR members but do not automatically convey with transfer/resale of HTR membership. It is solely at HTR’s discretion as to whether or not CTC or RPI may be obtained by transferee. Ordinarily, this is a matter of course, in conjunction with transfer of HTR ownership, requiring completion of new application forms and the current application fee per affiliate submitted to HTR Head Office.


Members have had good success in finding buyers by advertising on Craigslist, Kijiji, and Facebook
It is not permissible in any way to solicit prospective buyers anywhere on the premises
of any HTR location. Any contravention, intentional or otherwise, will be dealt with and, at HTR’s
option, could result in suspension or termination of membership.

If you have any questions regarding this transfer information policy, please contact Head Office before you proceed to advertise your membership for sale.

*Subject to change without notice (call Head Office for update)
**Current annual dues for 2024 $1890.00 + tax.

Pipeline Update as of end of August 2023

The Trans Mtn pipeline is mostly finished installing the pipeline through Camperland. The route was through the Bridal Falls Waterpark, past the Mini Golf through the overflow parking area, through the dog park and through the upper area of Shady Lane which affected 28 full-service sites.

The status is as follows.

  • The tenting area and the access to the Waterpark from Camperland is complete.
  • The Parking lot next to the playground is fully paved now.
  • Sites 133 to 136 and 124 to 128 have been fully restored.
  • The dog run has been reseeded and the grass is starting to grow.
  • We are waiting for Hydro to finish their work so that the next 12 sites can be completed.
  • The roadways that were damaged by the heavy equipment are now fully paved.
  • We will be using fencing to divide the sites instead of cedars (as they tend to die a lot). This work will be done over the next few months.


This means that we are still short of 12 sites awaiting BC Hydro.

We appreciate your patience and understanding.