• HTR parks accept advance reservations from HTR members starting in September of the prior year. Please visit our individual park listings on our website,, to make online reservations or call the park directly.
  • Camperland is available under your HTR membership between April 1 – October 31 annually.  If staying outside these dates, a nightly fee of $35 will apply. (subject to change without notice)
  • A current and valid HTR membership card must be referred to at the time of making reservations and presented upon check-in at any HTR Resort or Host Park. Failure to present your membership card will result in your credit card information being taken until membership status is confirmed.
    • if your membership payments are not up to date, your membership is considered inactive. Checking in with an inactive membership will result in the reservation payable in full upon check-in by Visa, MasterCard or Debit.
  • A maximum of three reservations may be held at any time for any given park.
    Only one of these three reservations may cover a Holiday Long Weekend.
  • Members are not guaranteed a specific site, however a request can be made for an area and we will do our best to accommodate. (This does not apply to wait list reservations).  Sites are assigned based on length of unit, length of stay and many other factors.

     Member Reservation Cancellations

  • Reservation cancellations made outside 72 hours of arrival date will not be charged cancellation fee. 
  • Cancellations made within 72 hours will be charged one night’s fee.
  • Failure to show up on reservation day (no-show) will result in forfeiture of the whole reservation and the member will be billed for up to three nights.
  • Please call the registration office if you are not arriving on your reservation date so we may free up your site for someone else. 
  • Some amenities, sites and services may not be open or operational during shoulder season (prior to May long weekend and after September long weekend).

Length of Stay

  • The number of consecutive nights (“Park In” time) that a member may stay in any one park is governed by the membership type and the conditions and restrictions stated in your membership agreement.
  • Any visitation of up to three consecutive nights “Park In” time will require only two nights of “Park Out” time.
  • Visitation of four consecutive nights or more, up to the maximum, will constitute a “maximum” stay and the “Park Out/System Out” time must be observed before revisiting any HTR Resort or host park.
  • The “Park Out” time and “System Out” time are also governed by the conditions noted on the membership agreement.
  • Please be aware of your multiple reservations that they do follow the in/out times. Any overlap will be billed to your account.
  • Whichever day a member chooses to check out, they must leave by check out time of that day.  Failure to comply may result in penalties.
  • Leaving before scheduled checkout day without advising Registration office will result being charged for those days.
  • Booking an extra day to get a “late check out” time is not permitted.
  • Please check your membership agreement if unsure of any details or call the Head Office for assistance.

Rules and Regulations

  • Six person per site limit.
  • One small tent on site is permitted along with the RV.
  • Each Holiday Trails RV Resort has its own Park Protocol which is based on the surrounding municipal bylaws. These protocols are available at check-in.
  • Please ensure that you review and abide by the rules of the park where you are staying.

Unattended Units

Members are not permitted to leave their unit unoccupied overnight on a site without permission from the Park Manager. Such permission is restricted to cases of emergency and is at the sole discretion of the Park Manager.  Nightly rates will apply when not in your RV.


We welcome you and your pets to our resort and wish to remind you that you are responsible and accountable for them and their actions. For the safety of you, your pet and your fellow campers, our pet policy is as follows:
  • Pets must be on a leash and under control at all times.
  • All pet droppings anywhere in the resort must be picked up and disposed of in a garbage container immediately.
  • Pets are not allowed in playground areas, any buildings or other areas where signage is posted.
  • Pets may not be left unattended in your site, unit or vehicle.
  • Noisy, aggressive or unruly pets will not be tolerated.
  • You will be required to sign a Pet Agreement upon check in at each resort.
OFF LEASH AREA: Resorts will not be held responsible for any issues that may arise concerning your pet. Owners must be present at all times.


  • Guests who accompany you in your RV may visit as long as you are there.
  • Day guests or visitors are welcome at HTR parks, but please let the registration office know you are expecting company. Guests will be required to park their vehicles in designated areas.
  • Members are responsible for any guests’ conduct and compliance with posted campground rules. Certain parks may require that visitation times be enforced during peak periods.

Holiday~21 memberships

Holiday~21 membership cards provide a total of 21 nights camping per year as indicated by the numbered dots.

  • Check in Procedure; upon arrival at park, photo ID and membership card must be presented to registration office and membership card will be processed for the nights redeemed.
  • Maximum 14 days usage per visit.
  • Any visitation of up to three consecutive nights “Park In” time will require only two nights of “Park Out” time.
  •  Visitation of four consecutive nights or more, up to the maximum, will constitute a “maximum” stay and the Park Out/System Out time must be observed before revisiting any HTR Resort or host park.
  • After 21 days are used regular nightly rates apply.   A discount of 20% will apply at company owned parks. Reservation fee applies.
  • Unused days may not be carried over into the new year.

Family plan benefit

Please refer to your Family Plan Benefit document for details on children under the age of 28 using their parent’s membership.

The following must be presented each time at check in:

  • Copy of Family Plan Benefit
  • HTR membership card.  The membership card will be held at reservation until check out.
  • Written authorization from HTR member stating name of user, resort and dates of visit.
  • Current ID. 
  • Advanced reservations are required by calling the registration office directly.

Member Out Time


A Holiday Trails RV Resorts membership allows camping within the HTR network with no nightly fees for a set period of time followed by a two week period in which Members must vacate the resort they are currently in.  We typically refer to this two week period as “Out time.”  Despite the fact that HTR Members can travel from resort to resort within HTR avoiding “out time,” enquiries about staying in a specific park during the “out time” is common enough that we have developed a set of guidelines.  It should be noted that paid “out time” will be regulated entirely at the discretion of the specific resort manager at each location according to availability and cannot be guaranteed.


  • HTR Members wishing to pay for their “out time” can pay for the lowest rate currently available for their “out time” at the resort. (Ie: weekly rate for 7 days or daily rate for less than 7 days. Note: During July and August no weekly rates will be available in any HTR Resorts.)
  • HTR Members wishing to stay during their “out time” must book in advance and pay for their “out time” reservation in full at time of booking. Paid reservations will not be counted as one of the three advance reservations allowed under your HTR membership.
  • Membership Reservations and out time reservations will be considered different bookings and do not guarantee a continuation of usage in a specific RV site.
  • When beginning a HTR Membership reservation you must show your valid HTR card to the registration office even if you have just completed a paid “out time” stay at the same resort.
  • Cancellations made for “out time” reservations are subject to the same cancellation policy as any other paid guest.
  • HTR Members are required to follow all HTR Member rules while using their membership during their stay including ensuring their RV is occupied by the HTR Member during their entire stay. 
  •  “Out time” cannot be purchased in HTR host parks.  

Pipeline Update as of end of August 2023

The Trans Mtn pipeline is mostly finished installing the pipeline through Camperland. The route was through the Bridal Falls Waterpark, past the Mini Golf through the overflow parking area, through the dog park and through the upper area of Shady Lane which affected 28 full-service sites.

The status is as follows.

  • The tenting area and the access to the Waterpark from Camperland is complete.
  • The Parking lot next to the playground is fully paved now.
  • Sites 133 to 136 and 124 to 128 have been fully restored.
  • The dog run has been reseeded and the grass is starting to grow.
  • We are waiting for Hydro to finish their work so that the next 12 sites can be completed.
  • The roadways that were damaged by the heavy equipment are now fully paved.
  • We will be using fencing to divide the sites instead of cedars (as they tend to die a lot). This work will be done over the next few months.


This means that we are still short of 12 sites awaiting BC Hydro.

We appreciate your patience and understanding.